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Colorado Ice Hockey

Patrick_Roy Welcome to the page of Ice Hockey.
My name is Shawn Camuti and I am an eighteen year old indivdual. I have been a residant of Colorado my whole life. My career goals are to design websites .

I am going to explain why I chose this topic as my webpage. First, I chose this topic for my webpage because I played ice hockey when I was a young child and I loved playing the sport of ice hockey.

I also thought of this topic because a lot of people like the sport of ice hockey. Secondly, I thought if I made a website of Colorado Ice Hockey that it would be a big accomplishment to all the people in my life including myself that I have made this website.

Ice hockey used to be my passion when I was a little kid. I used to practice every day. Then one day something terrible happened to me I was in a serious accident. I no longer play ice hockey because I know that I would have to learn how to be good as I used to be all over again.

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